Welcome to Fugent, LLC

Fugent, LLC  develops and manufactures biotechnology reagents.  Founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1995 as Fugent Co., the company was reorganized in January 1997 as Fugent, LLC.  We employ researchers in the areas of organic chemistry, molecular biology, transfection, and chromatography.

Although a young company, Fugent has revolutionized biological study with its development of cutting edge transfection reagents.  A transfection reagent allows for the delivery of nucleic acids (RNA or DNA) into cells.  Fugent’s successful development of transfection reagents FuGENE® 6 and FuGENE® HD has significantly advanced cellular analysis, including stem cell research and cancer cell research, target validation, and drug development. There are also broad applications in protein and virus production.

Fugent, LLC Transfection Reagent Products

FuGENE® 6, one of Fugent’s premier products, is a multi-component lipid-based transfection reagent. FuGENE® 6 Transfection Reagent allows for the efficient delivery of DNA vectors from very large plasmids to oligonucleotides and nucleotides into a broad range of cell types with extremely low cytotoxicity. FuGENE® 6 saves time and resources because it minimizes reagent preparation, media changes, and optimization. It also eliminates the side effects of toxicity while providing high transfection efficiency, which leads to successful transfection of more than 800 cell lines.

FuGENE® 6 transfection reagent can be used for the study of promoter regulation, differential gene expression, and cell-based protein and viruses production and for other applications in functional genomics, proteomics and cellular analysis.

FuGENE® HD is the next generation multi-component transfection reagent designed for the transfection of eukaryotic cells, including insect cells. FuGENE® HD Transfection Reagent is free of animal-derived components. It interacts with nucleic acids and promotes efficient transfer across cellular membranes with minimal physiological and morphological cell changes.

FuGENE® HD combines minimal cytotoxicity with excellent transfection efficiency in many cell lines that have not been transfected well by other reagents. In addition, FuGENE® HD has produced excellent results in both the presence and absence of serum. FuGENE® HD has an exclusive ability to perform transfection in 100% serum, thus closely mimicking transfection in in vivo conditions. FuGENE® HD transfection reagent also provides quicker results in less time with its simple, consistent, two-step protocol applicable across a wide range of cell types.